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1947 Department of “Kouchiku(Structure)” Engineering Established in School of Engineering, Osaka University.
Lab. 1(Structural mechanics) and Lab. 2(Structural study) were launched.
1949 School of Engineering, Osaka University (New System) Established
Lab. 3(Construction methodology) was launched.
1951 Lab. 4(Architecture building) was launched.
1952 Civil Engineering Course and Architectural Engineering Course were divided and established
1954 Lab. 5(Hydraulic engineering) was launched.
1962 Lab. 6(Transportation engineering) was launched.
1963 Lab. 7(Sanitary engineering) was launched.
1964 Lab. 8(Architectural equipment) was launched.
1966 Reorganized and expanded. Department of Structure Engineering was divided to that of Civil Engineering and that of Architectural Engineering.
Lab 3, 5, 6 and 7 in Department of Structure Engineering were renewed to Lab 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Department of Civil Engineering.
Lab.1(Structural mechanics in civil engineering)
Lab.2(Hydraulic engineering I)
Lab. 3(Transportation engineering)
Lab.4(Hydraulic Engineering II)

Lab 1, 2 and 4 were renamed.
Lab.1(Mechanics and theory of fundamental structure)
Lab.2(Hydraulics and river engineering)
Lab.4(Costal and harbor Engineering)
Lab. 5(Applied structural engineering) was launched.

1968 Lab. 6(Soil mechanics and engineering) was launched.
1970 The transfer from the Higashinoda campus in Osaka to the present Suita area was completed.
The master’s course of the Department of Civil Engineering was established in the graduate school.
Professor Tomio Ito assumed the office of manager of the School of Engineering. (August 1970―October 1971)
1971 Professor Tomio Ito assumed the office of the dean of the School of Engineering. (October 1971―September 1973)
1972 The doctoral course of the Department of Civil Engineering was established.
1998 Emphasis was placed on the graduate education in the fields of civil engineering, architecture, environment, and naval architecture and ocean engineering. The 6 labs were regrouped to 2 labs of Social Infrastructure Engineering including the subareas of “Advanced Infrastructure Design and Maintenance Engineering”, “Geotechnical Engineering” and “Structural Engineering”, and Social Systems Studies including the subareas of “Water System Engineering”, “Transportation System Engineering” and “Land Development and Management Engineering”.
Division of Global Architecture was established and comprised t Department of Civil Engineering
1999 Division of Global Architecture (Civil Engineering Course)
2005 The Japanese name of Civil Engineering Course were changed to “infrastructure engineering”. (The English name was not changed)

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