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Osaka University’s Civil Engineering Course, which was formerly called the Department of Architectural Engineering, commemorated its 63rd anniversary this year since its founding. For the past 63 years, this course has been providing a wide range of excellent human resources to the Japanese industry, government, and academia, mainly in the field of civil engineering. After 63 years, this course is determined to start afresh, reaffirm its role, and continue in its efforts to develop engineers and researchers responsible for the fields of technology and civil engineering to meet future social demands. This course has two areas and addresses distinctive education and research by maintaining a healthy balance between the two. It offers two areas of study: the “Social Infrastructure Engineering Area,” which mainly comprises of fields related to designing, construction, and maintenance technology of base structures of social infrastructure, and the “Social System Study Area,” which covers land and urban planning, water circulation system, transportation system, and disaster prevention system. We will continue taking strong steps to move forward and develop the course so that it contributes to the society with a sense of responsibility.