Graduate Course

For Prospective Graduate Students

In the graduate school, students are asked to collect and select information by themselves, understand and analyze the problem, and work out a solution by utilizing professional scholastic ability acquired in the undergraduate study. For this purpose, they have to understand the diversity and amplitude of the Civil Engineering Course. It is important to at least be aware of the problems in various fields, the direction of progress of each field, and leader of such progress. As long as students are determined to build their career path by themselves, the Civil Engineering Course is an excellent training place for engineers and researchers in civil engineering that will develop as long as humans exist. We expect the graduates of Osaka University to uphold the reputation of being competent and showing leadership skills.

Information on the entrance examination (Admission on recommendation) Guidance to entrance examination to the graduate school is updated regularly on the website of the Graduate School of Engineering. Past results of the admission process from other universities