Structural Engineering Lab.

Department of Civil Engineering
Divison of Grobal Architecture
Graduate School of Engineering
Osaka University


HIROHATA Mikihito   Associate Professor  

KAMEI Yoshinori    Assistant Professor  

Research Topics

Application of Thermal Technologies to Maintenance of Steel Structures

  • Repair and Reinforcement of Steel Structures by Welding
  • Residual Stress Control and Structural Performance Improvement by Local Heat Treatment
  • Development of Paint Coating Removal Technique by Heating


Simulation of Welding and Heat Treatment Mechanism

  • Development of Simulation Model for Laser-arc Hybrid Welding
  • Mechanical Evaluation of Weld Cold Cracking
  • Residual Stress Distribution of Several Types of Welded Joints
  • Thermal Elastic Plastic Behavior of Rivet Joining


Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Joint Performance of Steel Materials

  • Evaluation on Welded Joints by Steels for Bridge High Performance Structure
  • Material Characteristics and Weldability of Steels Used in Aged Bridges
  • Mechanical Properties of Steels Subjected to Fire Damage
  • Evaluation on Mechanical Properties of Steel Members by Portable Hardness Tester
  • Dulability of Steels and Anti-corrosion Painting by Accelerated Corrosion Experiment